Hitachi Ltd. will breathe new life into the next era as symbolized by our corporate statement “Inspire the Next” and will contribute to achieving a comfortable and abundant society as a “Best Solutions Partner”. Hitachi is a leading provider of consumer products and services that meet your day-to-day entertainment needs. Our high performance consumer products include televisions, soundbars, refrigerators & washing machines. Explore the phenomenal ensemble of Hitachi consumer products to know how we work toward enriching your lives.

Hitachi manufactures cutting-edge audio visual products and systems that transform your entertainment experience with high quality display and superior sound. Built with innovative technologies, Hitachi AV equipment and systems deliver ultimate flexibility, performance, and convenience. Hitachi televisions and accessories are engineered for perfection to deliver the best home entertainment right in your living room. Indulge yourself in rich and quality entertainment with Hitachi LED, LCD, and High Definition Televisions and accessories.


Hitachi Group is doing business in various fields from social infrastructure to home appliances, materials, logistics, and services. We will always breathe new life into the next era under a corporate statement “Inspire the Next”, aiming at becoming a vigorous company that continuously grows in the 21st century and contributes to prosperous and comfortable society.


In March, 1999, Hitachi Ltd was confronting a grave crisis with severe financial deficits. To confront these difficult business conditions, management sought to move forward by uniting the Hitachi Group into a single-minded company and strived to create a competitive edge by seeking how to differentiate Hitachi from other companies. One important policy related to these efforts was the formation of a brand creation project, resulting in the establishment of a message the “Hitachi Brand Platform” that could be consistently communicated by all Hitachi Group employees. The “Hitachi Brand Platform” has been created not only for our customers but is also established to listen to the voice of our competitors’ customers, making them think “So, that’s what Hitachi is striving for.”. At the same time, management and rank-and-file employees were surveyed so that an image of “How would you like to see Hitachi become?” could be thoroughly refined and as a result, the core identity of the Hitachi Group emerged. It is an identity based on Hitachi’s DNA of “Trust” and “Technical Capability” built up over many years and one that expresses our commitment to being a catalyst for a changing society and continually challenging ourselves to discover new value and possibilities.