One of the world’s leading TV brands will be back on shelves in Australia this month after a 6-year hiatus from the market.

EXCLUSIVE: Popular Sharp TV’s Back In Stores After 6 Year Hiatus

Sharp TVs are now being ranged at The Good Guys and among the new models set to be sold in Australia is an 8K 50Hz TV that comes with the now famous Sharp Aquos technology.

Sharp is now owned by Foxconn the world’s biggest technology Company; they also manufacture and assemble several Apple products including the iPhone and their Sharp OLED display technology is now being built into a new generation of iPhones.

The range going on sale at The Good Guys include five models, ranging in size from the 70” 8K model to a 60” 42” and 32” TV.

The new 70” 8K model that comes with its own swivel turntable is set to sell for sub $4,000, it has Android TV built in as well as direct access to Netflix, Prime video and YouTube.

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