Tempo recognizes an increasing consumer demand for smart homes and automated appliances. Now, you can enjoy the same convenience with select Stirling products.

Devices such as the Stirling Front Loading Washing Machine and Dryer, 1.9 kW Portable Air Conditioner, and the Bladeless Fan Purifier can be controlled via your Wi-Fi network, with the easy to use STIRLING app.

Wi-Fi control means you can control your appliance from anywhere you have internet access. From another room in your house, or your office or place of work, or even while out shopping!

The Stirling laundry products utilise this feature so that the user can track the status of their laundry, getting a simple message to know when the washing is done, or to remotely start a load of washing or drying.

Fans and portable air conditioners are also ideal products for Wi-Fi control. You can remotely control the temperature, fan speed, and modes. For example, you could turn your portable air conditioner on from the office just before leaving work, so by the time you get home, your room is the ideal temperature. And who hasn’t experienced that annoying moment when you remember that you have left your fan on, long after leaving the house? Now, you can save energy by turning it off from wherever you may be.

Some of these products can also be used with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can integrate these products into your smart home system and control them with voice commands.

Wi-Fi is becoming a standard feature, replacing the remote control, and giving the user a convenient way to control appliances from their phone. Look for more and more Wi-Fi controlled products in Tempo’s appliance range.