Tempo brings new Solar PV Modules, Hybrid Inverters and Batteries to market

For 2023 Tempo will introduce new Solar PV modules to the market, helping to meet the demand for Australian Home Owners to make the switch to green energy.

The Altius and Sphere modules feature current generation half cut mono crystalline cells, arranged into efficient and installer friendly panel sizes between 380w and 540 watts.
The panels feature sleek black frames and toughened glass for long lasting performance.

Joining the PV modules is a hybrid inverter and a selection of lithium batteries, designed for easy installation with no commissioning required. A true plug and play interface between inverter and battery.

Altius and Sphere Hybrid inverters feature a 10 year warranty, and feature Dual MPPT strings for system optimization. They are designed for easy integration with a range of Lithium batteries, and when combined the seamless battery backup will keep your essentials running in the event of grid power failure. Our batteries feature contemporary technology lithium cells, with up to 6000 cycles for a long service life. Smart integrated battery management systems are a key part of delivering a 10 year warranty and effective service life beyond

See the datasheets below, and more information will be released in early 2023.